Seventh-Day Adventist Church

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Parent/Guardian Consent to Photos/Recordings


The Code of Conduct that establishes how adults are to behave towards children and young people within the AUC & NZPUC across Australia and New Zealand, and its constituent Conferences and local churches, companies, and church plants, specifies that: DON’T take unauthorised photos or movies of a child on church property or at church activities without church authorisation and the parental/guardian consent. 

The local church/Department/Activity therefore informs parents/guardians that the following programs or Church-sponsored activities have appointed authorised photographers: 

- BACC Sabbath School, Vacation Bible School (VBS), BACC Church services, BACC baptisms, BACC social events, BACC camps and day outings, and BACC community service events. 

Time-period for event/activities:
This consent form is an ongoing authorisation and can be revoked at any time by informing 

the BACC Safe Places Coordinator or his/her representative in writing. 


As the parent / guardian, I consent to my child/ren or my person/s being the subject/s of photo, sound, and movie recordings or depictions: 

I DO provide consent for the following:

I consent to such photos, sound, and movie recordings to be displayed on noticeboards, screens, and displays within the church

I consent for photos, sound, and movie recordings to be displayed on the BACC website

I consent for photos, sound, and movie recordings to be displayed or used in church publications such as newsletters or brochures

I consent for photos, sound, and movie recordings to be used or displayed in church authorised Facebook and other social media, and in church authorised postings on YouTube and the like

I understand and agree that photos, sound, and movie recordings will not be used in any profitable enterprise or publication, and that no fee will be paid to a child/ren or young person/s or a parent/guardian for appearing in any depiction




• Whilst children or young people (particularly over 10-years of age) may have a right to mobile phones, tablets, and other miniature devices which have photo, sound, and movie recording capabilities, I understand and agree that church leaders may confiscate such device and return it to a parent / guardian (when next practical) if the device is reasonably believed to have been used by my child/ren or young person/s, or threatened to be used, to: harass; nuisance; bully; or otherwise tease, joke, humiliate, or mock any person (including a child; young person; staff member; volunteer; or parent/guardian helper). 

• In addition to the above rule, I further agree and understand that if apparent criminal activity (sexting; filming or sharing recordings of physical assaults and other forms of bullying; cyber-harassment; forwarding or sharing prohibited or restricted content including child pornography or child exploitation material) is reasonably believed to have occurred or be retained upon such device in the use or possession of my child/ren or young person/s, I consent for church leaders to confiscate the device and retain it for inspection by law enforcement agencies (such as the Police) and/or by church authorities. I further understand and agree that neither a parent/guardian nor a child/ren or young person/s will be compensated (financially or in any other way) if such device is retained indefinitely to assist with any investigation; criminal trial; civil proceeding; or procedure of any legislated tribunal or adjudicative body.