The Making of Champions

There’s a champion in all of us if we look hard enough. One thing that is clear throughout scripture is that those who often don’t look the part are those who God uses to do extraordinary things. Each of us is called to serve a purpose in the Mission of God, but not many of us accept the calling. Those who do recognise that it is not the absence of weakness that makes them God’s Champions, but the very presence of them that makes them reliant on a power bigger than themselves. This power, in turn, brings out the Champion from within them. Over this 5 week series, Jose Saint Phard will share the stories of ordinary men and women who followed their call and earned their right to be called Champions of the Faith, by trusting God with their weaknesses and relying on His strength.
Come out of Hiding: Gideon – The Making of Champions (Part 1)
Come Out of Hiding: Gideon – The Making of Champions (Part 2)

MVMNT with Tim Gillespie

Burwood Church presents ‘MVMNT with Tim Gillespie’, a weekend to explore the relevance of the church within our modern context. Through the study of the book of Acts, we were inspired to be like the movers and shakers of the early church and above all, to focus on Jesus and be a part of His movement.
Session 1: How to start a MVMNT

Based on Acts 1:12-2:21

Session 2: A New Community

Based on Acts 2:42-47

Session 3: The MVMNT is Real

Based on Acts 17:16-33

Lifesavers – Parables to Live By Series

The Intro
The Great Feast
The Ten Virgins
The House on the Rock
The Foolish Farmer
Extended Version

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