Tithes and offerings are a way for us to give back and help both others and the church. You are welcome to donate in person or donate online through our eGiving website.

What are tithes and offerings?

Many members of our church choose to regularly donate a portion of their earnings to the Adventist Conference of Victoria; this is known as tithe. Because of tithe, we are able to keep Adventist churches in Victoria up and running and continue to spread the good news of God’s love to our community.

If you’d prefer to donate directly to Burwood Adventist Community Church, we are given the opportunity during each church service to donate an amount of our choosing to the BACC budget. Our goal as a church is to reflect Jesus in every aspect of our church and our community, and the funds we receive from offering help us to maintain that mission.

Ways to give

One way to donate is through our eGiving website. eGiving allows you to donate either tithe or offering, or to donate to another cause of your choosing. This is a way to donate quickly and efficiently with multiple payment options for your convenience. Follow the link below to donate or to find out more.