Saturday mornings at Burwood

Grab a hot drink and a bite to eat in our cafe from 9:45am, then join one of our group bible studies from 10:15am. We have groups for all stages of life, including kids! Our Sabbath schools start at 10am.


This group include ages from babies to Prep at school. The babies and children love the singing, dressing up, bible stories and learning how much Jesus loves all of them! The parents get involved in crafts, stories and love seeing how their children grow and learn about God in a positive way.


Primary age group is from Grade one to Grade three. They integrate a lot of fun into their programs. This can involve crafts, games and again a meaningful way to learn about how God looks after them in their lives every day.


The Juniors age group ranges from Grade four to Grade six. As the kids are maturing in this age group, they are very interactive and responsive to many discussions. The teachers have the privilege of teaching some life skills and how the kids’ lives can influence those around them. Again the programs are practical and fun where the kids love learning about God and His love.

Adult groups

We have lots of fantastic adult bible study groups, any of which you’re invited to join. Some groups follow a quarterly study plan while others dig into a new topic each week. Upon your arrival, please don’t hesitate to ask the greeter at the front door for more information to find which study group would best suit you.

Youth (ages 16+)

This bible study group consists of young adults aged from 16 years old to those in their twenties. This group discusses different topics each week and is filled with vibrant, passionate, friendly individuals.

Teens (aged 12-15)

This group is for high schoolers to not only hear stories about Jesus, but also dig deeper into the Bible and discuss different Biblical topics each week. The classes are always fun and lively and full of young people passionate about Christ.

Let’s get together

Monthly Church Lunch

On the last Saturday of each month (from February-November), there is a potluck-style lunch held in the foyer of the church directly following the service. Join us for great food and connecting with both old and new friends.


Burwood Gospel Choir

A great way to get involved in the church is joining our gospel choir. The choir is open to everyone and is an awesome way to make new friends—or just hang out with old ones! Practices are held at BACC on Saturday afternoons.  Interested? Sign up here to join us.


Social Calendar

We love getting together to enjoy picnics, hikes, and other social activities. We’d love to see you there! Keep an eye on our calendar so you don’t miss any upcoming events.

Life Groups

Life Groups are a way for us to take a little time out of our weeks to gather with a group of friends to learn more about God’s word. There are groups based all around Melbourne and consist of tons of different people from different backgrounds. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a regular churchgoer or have no idea who Jesus is—we’d love to have you in one of our Life Groups. Please fill out an enquiry form and we’ll contact you to help you find the best group for you!

Life Groups enquiry form

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We believe in the power of prayer and we’d love the opportunity to pray for you and with you. If you’re struggling with something and would like someone to pray for you, please fill out a prayer request form and our prayer team will pray for you. If it is a private or sensitive need, please only include the information that you are comfortable sharing with us.

Prayer Request Form

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