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Burwood Adventist Community Church Reflecting Jesus Here and Now


About Us


Burwood Adventist Community Church (BACC) is a part of the world wide Seventh-day Adventist church. 


The Burwood Seventh-day Adventist Church was established in the mid 196os in a hired hall in Ashwood. With a lot of hard work and sacrificial giving, our early members built a church home at 4 Renown St in Burwood to become the Burwood Seventh-day Adventist Church. Thanks to a generous bequest from one of those early members the church was later able to buy the property at 6 Renown Street when it came up for sale in the early 1980s.


After much discussion and prayer 6 Renown St was developed to provide desperately needed Children's meeting rooms (they had previously been meeting in a room dug out and fitted up by members, at the back of the church building, accessed from the car park).  Number 6 was also opened to the community as a community house with Vegetarian Chinese cooking classes, stress management courses, Sunday morning aerobic classes and other health and related programmes for our local community.

Shortly after this we changed our name to the Burwood Adventist Community Church. The name was a reference to the types of activities run by the church and also to the type of church we wanted to have.  We believe that church is a "community of believers" rather than a building or a program.


The time came when the Renown St facility was too small for us. In 1994 we sold the properties at Renown St and moved to the corner of Highbury and Huntingdale roads.  Worshiping here was a  challenge initially, with no walls and various classes running at one time.  The main worship area was sectioned off for a number of years by calico curtaining which the children enjoyed running through.  We are still working on "finishing" this building - perhaps it is better called renovations now, having been here nearly twenty years.  Come and visit us - we hope you will feel welcome.